Play Art Journal BINGO!

Creative inspiration for word-lovers and art journalists alike. Play a game of BINGO, selecting a combination {such as B2-I5-N3-G1-O4} and interpret the array of five phrases using your imagination and your art material stash.

Over the past four years, I've designed 200+ creative prompt cards, a mash-up of my art, photography and words galore. Cards are introduced, then retired, and new cards are released several times each year. 

The prompt cards are being used by non-profit organizations, with at-risk youths, in high schools, middle schools, addiction recovery programs, public library journaling groups and small art groups. I designed a set for my daughter's middle school class to use as part of their creative writing curriculum.

A kick-start.

Here's what's on offer. Your set is hand-selected when you order and I track the cards you get so that you can order again, add to your collection, and not get a duplicate!

The idea began not with an actual physical vintage BINGO game card {as you might think} but with memories of visits to smoke-filled church basement BINGO halls with my mom in Pittsburgh in the 1970's. My mom had a canvas tote bag filled with the infamous dip dot markers and played a mean game of BINGO, tracking a dozen cards simultaneously. A weary guy with over-sized glasses sat on the makeshift stage up front and turned the birdcage. He selected ping pong balls with imprinted letters and numbers and shouted them into the microphone. N3! B2!

I think that art should be fun, don't you? 

Get a pack of Creative Prompt Cards to tuck into your journal, carry-on or pencil bag for your holiday travels {and flight delays}. Get an extra set for yourself to expand your collection or as a gift for a creative person.

Prompt cards fit anywhere a business card will fit, like in the pocket of your purse, your wallet, or the pocket of a journal. Sets do not include this Japanese pencil case, but they fit quite perfectly, don't you think?

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