Pilot Kaküno Fountain Pen Review

My husband went on a business trip to Tokyo and brought me back an assortment of Japanese papers and these absolutely adorable Pilot Kaküno M nib and F nib fountain pens! The pen comes with black ink, plus he got red and green refills. Here's the Pilot Kaküno Medium pen out-of-the-box. The ink cartridge is inside the white envelope. This is the original packaging.

My quick summary? Love these pens! They are now part of my drawing repertoire!

And yes, the nib has a smiley face:)


3x5" index card, Pilot Kaküno M. Sketched random stuff in front of me on the table.


3x5" index card, Pilot Kaküno F. Sketched the kids playing in the pool.


3x5" index card, Pilot Kaküno F. Sketched breakfast.


3x5" index card, Pilot Kaküno M. Sketched DD12 while we played my favorite game of all time, Careers.


3x5" index card, Pilot Kaküno M.


So these were the only tiny journals I had on hand for doing comparison testing. They are like oranges and apples so I like seeing the difference. On the left, the 3x5" Rhodia Unlimited notebook which has smooth lined drawing paper. On the right, the 3x5" Moleskine journal with watercolor paper. Both great journals. The pen performed just fine on these very different papers. I found the lines more expressive on the Rhodia paper.


Left - Rhodia. Right - Moleskine [oops: the second test in the Moleskine is definitely the F, not the M]

I was very curious to see what Sketchbook Skool would be all about, so I took the first session called Beginnings with Danny Gregory and Koosje Koene which also included sessions by Roz Stendahl, Jane LaFazio, Prashant Miranda, and Tommy Kane. I don’t take many workshops and it was fun to watch each of the artists draw and talk about drawing. I found that the workshops didn't teach drawing, it was more “about” drawing and giving inspiration for those who really want to draw. It inspired me to do some sketching! Each of the sections provided inspiration targeted to people just starting to sketch and wishing for an injection of bravery and confidence.