Perfect and Imperfect and Everything in Between

5x8" moleskine, doodles in gelly rolls, found items, washi tape, colored pencils, photographs, inktense blocks, stickers. 

It's useful to step back and take a macro view of our creative endeavors. What is the point, the goal? With your lines, your brush strokes, your photographs, your words? Where are you headed? What do you want to accomplish? This is a question that only you can answer. No-one else gets to decide for you. I think that there is value in working in both spaces, in working to improve our skills and also in playing!

A) Sometimes there is value in working to perfectly replicate or represent something. To draw an accurate foot, characterize a basketball player in 50 words or less, symbolize a dream, develop a 5-7-5 haiku about distopian fiction, solve a math problem accurately to the 7th decimal.

B) Yet it is also rewarding to play, to approximate something. To have fun with the experience but not worry about the results, to be purposely imperfect, to get close to something but not reach it, to estimate. To get to some point of good enough. Abstractions. Painting rainbows for the sake of painting rainbows.