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If you go out and about and draw, or if you plan to take a subset of your pen collection on your travels, you will need a method of transporting your drawing tools. For many years, I used a heavy duty Zip-Lok baggie to carry pens & markers in my backpack. It works. You can see your pens and grab just the right color. But as I drew more I wanted my pens to have a space of their own. Is a pen case a luxury? I suppose so. 

For our 3-week trip this summer, I brought two pen cases. I kept a small one in the backpack I carried each day and another in the hotel room for drawing just before I fell asleep from exhaustion!

You can use cases to carry colored pencils, markers, paper clips, mini-scissors, mini-stapler, index cards, erasers, Daisy Yellow art journal prompt cards, stick-notes, etc. I like the style and functionality of Japanese cases. The key for me is a well-made, inviting case that works. Some fabulous cases look quite utilitarian and yet at the same time perfect

Each of these cases is $20 USD or less. I've been gradually building my pen case collection. So soon I'll need a case to hold the cases. But I digress. I purchased a bunch at Jet Pens online, at the Kinokuniya store in LA. Plus one at Target and one at Amazon. Some cases are available only in black, others in a fun variety. I only realized from the photographs that I am sticking to black and green!?

The case below is on the far left in the photograph above. It is the Nomadic PF-01 Carbonium Case. It's a sort of faux leather-nylon of some sort and fits an assortment of markers in one section {these are Sakura Glaze} and a small stack of fifteen to twenty 3x5" index cards in the other section. There's a flat outer pocket that could hold business cards or credit cards.

The case below is a Nomadic PE-08. The inside and outside of the case are a rugged nylon; inner lining is neon orange. This has a softer fabric than the case above, and my guesstimate is that it holds about three times as many pens. It has some cool pockets and small flat sections and a large section. It can fit prompt cards {or business cards} but not index cards. The large section has an internal mesh pocket which effectively holds stuff separate from the pens/markers. This is a fantastic, albeit utilitarian-looking case. 

The last case {far right of the four-pen photograph} is the Lihit Teffa {find it at Amazon or Jet Pens}. The inside lining of these cases is chocolate brown and there is a flippy divider with slots, nooks and crannies to put things. The next two photographs show the same section of the case with two different ideas for items like prompt cards, index cards, pens, colored pencils and markers. 

Below, the second internal section of the Lihit Teffra case with pens, markers, index cards, Starbucks cards, etc. In the photo, Sakura Glaze pens and a Faber-Castell Big Brush PITT artist pen. Some of the sections are covered by mesh so you can see what's going on. This case is good if you have pencils or pens that you want to keep sorted and visible or in a particular order. My younger daughter, DD13, absconded with this pen case and uses it for her growing collection of Gelly Rolls and Uniballs.

I didn't take extra photographs of the tiny green fabric case from the big photo. It holds a small number of pens, doesn't stay open, but is simple and elegant. It is a Miyamoto Collection Retro case.  

Another great case, the one that DD15 appropriated from me for her Sharpies and Gelly Rolls, is the Kokuyo C2 Tray Type Pencil Case. I love that it stands independently.

Now I'll throw a curveball and remind you to consider containers, make-up bags, cosmetics bags and little cases not made for pens...

 I found this green and black cosmetic case at Target, got it in a few designs... the perfect size if you want to travel with LOTS of markers. I like that these cases stand open independently. They don't have pockets so these are cute mass-storage-devices that fit index cards, pencils, pens, mini-staplers, a few rolls of washi, whatever you want to throw inside.

I love taking my pen case from my backpack when I stop at a café to draw. An assortment of pens, a beautiful case, a cappuccino. And a scone.  A blueberry scone.

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