Peek into the Tiny Museum

"That is beautiful which is produced
by the inner need, which springs
from the soul."
Wassily Kandinsky

There are creative ideas galore swirling around the Tiny Museum workshop. We are experimenting, testing & playing with designs, patterns & paint... starting with an idea treasure hunt. The focus is on the play, the experience rather than having any sort of perfect finished work. If you would like to explore your watercolor or gouache paints, I hope you'll jump in! I love seeing how everyone interprets the concepts and brings their own twist and sense of color and adventure to each page. 

A video peek for the freshly launched Tiny Museum workshop.
Watch this 1 minute introduction at Vimeo or YouTube

Join the fun! My workshops are about exploring, experimenting and playing with your art materials. They will challenge you to think creatively and focus on the process rather than the finished work. So they are play school more than art school. 

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