Pattern-A-Day #5 - 8


Designing patterns in watercolor in the Moleskine A4 watercolor journal. These are the first four patterns for the December Pattern-a-Day Challenge with A is for AnikaEach pattern is about 6" wide x 9" tall or half of the page. Read my evil plan to create 30 designs in December.

In the comments the other day Hanna asked if I would fill the entire A4 with patterns. That "would" have been a good plan but I started working in this A4 journal perhaps a year ago with abstract watercoloring. So it is already 3/4 full. I will paint patterns on the rest of the pages and then go and work on the backs of a lot of pages (that's the benefit of heavy watercolor paper, you can use both sides) and will also use the Fabriano watercolor paper I brought back from Italy. 

Thoughts on each of these patterns...

The blue + pink interlocking hourglasses {is there another name for this, unsure} remind me of something retro from the 70s like lampshades or wallpaper. I like the concept. For the yellow + orange smushes, started by wetting the paper so it run together a bit. I did the rainbow circle-swirls by painting with clear water and then touching various colors to the designs. It reminds me of a pastel circus. Finally the sepia squares with dots is pretty plain but it is always pleasant to paint squares.

Go see all of the patterns.

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