Pattern-A-Day #17-20

Designing patterns in watercolor in the Moleskine A4 watercolor journal. These are the next four patterns for the December Pattern-a-Day Challenge with A is for Anika. Each pattern is about 6" x 9" or half of the page.

Clockwise, starting with the red circles. The red circles are painted in red and then the left part of the inside of each circle is painted in pink to give it a little bit of depth. The blue + yellow + green marks are just happy colors to me and I like the playfulness of the brush strokes. The yellow + pink + red + orange marks are thinner brush strokes probably would look better without the yellow. The green lemony yellow leaves started with a green outline, then dark yellow inside next to the green, and then lighter yellow at the center. 

Thinking I might continue the challenge into January. If you plan to play along in January, don't forget to join the flickr Let's Make Patterns group.

How will you start the year in a creative fashion? I have several collaborative projects in the works. One involves mail art and the other involves art journaling. But the rest is a secret.

You'll see more of my stuff at Flickr. I have always loved flickr, and only moved to Instagram because there was less and less activity at flickr and I liked the on-the-go photo postings from my phone. Flickr is inherently more robust than Instagram. Flickr updated the mobile app {the iphone app is supposedly great; I'm on a droid, so the app still lacks the ability to access groups} I'm no longer using Instagram... their updated terms of service involve taking over some ownership rights of artists/photographers. Their clarification does not fix everything. It is not that I fear Instagram using my photos in some wicked manner. It is the principle of the matter. I'm so happy to see a lot of "old friends" back at flickr!!!