Pattern-A-Day #1 - 4

“I've got mixed feelings about poetry cause done well poetry is fantastic. But not many people are capable of doing it well. I think you should have some kind of license to perform poetry. A poetic license perhaps.”
― Craig Ferguson

Designing patterns in watercolor in the Moleskine A4 watercolor journal. These are the first four patterns for the December Pattern-a-Day Challenge with A is for Anika!

I love the funky juxtaposition of the random patterns. I've been painting two patterns per page of A4 moleskine paper... so each pattern is about 6" wide x 9" tall. Read all of the details of my evil plan to create 30 designs in December.

I really like flower love on the top left. It reminds me of wrapping paper, though. My favorite of the bunch by far is the rainbow with white dots. I actually drew the dots first and then painted the rainbows leaving those areas white. {This was quite popular on instagram! I think it received the most likes ever! Hanna called it rainbow-snow.} The pink + indigo circles are... pink and indigo circles. I love painting shapes over and over. The movement of the brush on paper is wonderful. The turquoise + yellow melting into pink + orange was fun to do. And that's the first four!

And see all of the patterns.