Painting: Path

18x36" canvas

detail of the top right

detail of the bottom left

This is the 18x36" that I began first for Flora Bowley's e-workshop Bloom True. The working name is PATH. It had an abundance of marks and beautiful color but was very busy. I really and truly had called it "finished" and leaned it against the wall, happy with my work. Yesterday this urge to simplify and add more color took over. And for an FYI, here's what it looked like until yesterday. 

I think this is upside down compared to the canvas at the top of the post. See what acrylics can do? They layer. They cover. They let you do whatever you want, then cover it up, then do something else. That's the story of the long narrow canvas. I try not to look back and be bummed that I "changed" something I liked because it's all about the process of painting, not the actual painting. Some day I'll have that "painting" with a capital P. But for now I'm playing. Once you start, you cannot stop. You dream about the paint and the color and you get wrapped up in the flow of it all.