Painting Layers {Work in Process} #1


above four pix: 18x36" canvas, fluid acrylics, heavy body acrylics

above three pix: 9x12" canvas, fluid acrylics, heavy body acrylics

I'm taking Flora Bowley's workshop Bloom True. I jumped to register for the workshop {admittedly without reading all of the materials}. Each idea is described a bit at a time with super high quality videos and writings. This is totally a get your fingers messy kind of class! My 12 year old daughter was totally into working together to mark up the larger of the two canvases today. We had a great time just playing and making marks with our tools. We tried fingers, paint brushes, a paint shaper, lid, palette knife, sponge, etc. I don't know where this will go! I actually like the smaller canvas much better at the moment. We are painting in layers, works in progress.