Painting: Escape #1

my favorite part is at the bottom

 Working on the second 36x36" canvas, boxes emerging... liking this... I think. I don't know. A quandary. I'm taking Flora Bowley's e-workshop Bloom True. Flora's works have organic nature-inspired shapes, which are flowy and beautiful. But nonetheless boxes make sense to me at that moment. I don't know what will happen with the squares. I started the first 36x36" canvas {under this one on my breakfast table-turned quasi-studio} the other day and it got quite chaotic in the best sense of the word. So I hesitated was scared to add shapes, or let any shapes evolve on that canvas. My logic with this second biggie was to start a canvas knowing - planning - determined - to add shapes and just do it. That way the other one stays in chaos and I can compare the chaotic canvas with the one where I incorporated shapes and covered a lot of the details just to let some peek through.