The Orange Journal: 93%

"For some, it's a Broadway spotlight; for others, a lamplit desk. Use your natural powers - of persistence, concentration, and insight - to do work you love and work that matters. Solve problems, make art, think deeply."
Susan Cain

In the early years of Daisy Yellow I blogged chronologically about all of my art journal pages and creative projects. Somewhere along the way, I started making art more rapidly than I was blogging about said art. The differential continues to grow.

All of that said, here are some pages from The Orange journal. This is an altered glossy-papered children's book with 24 page spreads; 22 {93%} are finished. I think I started this journal in fall 2015; it includes some of the pages for the Novel Approach workshop too. 

When I work on journal pages like these, with acrylics & collage, I work very fast, and I do not ponder what goes with what. The work is the thing for me. It is mad fun.

There's no strategy for my pages, and I don't consult the horoscope. One step forms the starting point for the next decision. That's really all there is to my method.


Pages include acrylics, fabric, found papers, stickers, japanese papers, neocolors, various inks, washi tape.

Art is intertwined in the day now, not a separate silo. Plus... the interwebs are getting more complicated! Not only are there multiple places to post, but multiple journals in process. So it's chaos, folks. In my head and on my pages.

In Novel Approach, you can learn how to create art journal pages with grungy acrylics & collage in an altered book art journal!