Open Thread: 48 Hours

It's been 6 months since the last Open Thread, an opportunity to turn the tables and answer your questions. Let's go "old school" to the good old days when blogging was more interactive! Q&A open for the next 48 hours!

{Editor's Note: Q&A now closed}

Please add a question in the comments section at the blog. I won't be able to reply personally by email so please revisit in a day or two to see the response, just below your question. You can "respond" back to me by hovering your mouse at the top right corner of the comment box where you'll see three little icons. There's a flag {to flag inappropriate comments for me to review}, a heart {to like the comment} and a curved arrow {to reply to the comment}. 


Topics like art journaling, mandalas, doodling, sewing paper, watercolor, gouache, acrylic, collage, creative prompts, perfectionism, getting started, blogging, cooking, art while traveling, index card art, art workshops, photographing journal pages, fear of the blank page, drawing/ sketching in public... 

Other topics that we could meander around? What should I change? How can I freshen up the joint? Would  you be interested in buying original art? The dynamics have definitely changed and I don't know the end game, whether it all winds up at the trough of FB or at independent blogs..

I won't be of much help for inquiries about Art School, the color wheel, Java programming, chemical thermodynamics, guitar chords, scrapbooking, art history, YA fiction, quilting or Shakespeare. 

For Photoshop questions, I suggest Scott Kelby's Adobe Photoshop CS6 or CC, depending what you're using. I'm still on CS6 because I don't want to pay Adobe by the month. I can try to respond to basic PS questions.

You'll find details about art journaling in Art Journaling 101.

The thread closes Tuesday night. I'll respond to as many questions as I can but I do reserve the right to delete any question too personal, obnoxious or irrelevant...  or stuff I don't feel comfy writing about.