One Word


We needed to switch our regular Saturday morning piano lesson to later in the day. So I emailed our native Japanese speaking piano teacher and asked, "Would it be possible to schedule our lessons on Saturday to later in the day - we can meet any time after 1pm. Thank you!!!" Which lead to an exchange of emails where our teacher conveyed that she needed to speak to all of the other Saturday students to schedule a better time. Early Saturday morning she was still working on the time, so I asked if we should just cancel. Her worried response was my clue that I had not specified "this Saturday" but rather "Saturday" so she was trying to re-arrange her weekly Saturday schedule just for us! And thought I was canceling our lessons ad infinitim, poor thing! A simple request had gone awry for lack of a word. 

Can you think of a situation where one word could have made all of the difference, where one word messed everything up, or perhaps where one word saved the day?