One-Staple Collage

Lauren and I challenged each other to create a stapled collage and share them today {as I prepare this post, I have not  yet seen Lauren's collage.

The back-story is that paper artist & enthusiast Lauren Bergold wrote an article for Issue #11 of the DY Zine. The article provides insight and details about collecting ephemera for your collage stash and the art of designing stapled collages {with one or more staples}. Lauren was catapulted fearlessly into the world of stapled collage after a prompt last year during the index-card-a-day challenge. You can find Lauren's collage at her blog, All the Good Blog Names Were Taken!

Zine11-3 copy.jpg

On to my attempts at one-staple collages.

The first step for me was to brainstorm how I might structure a paper stack so that there was enough visual interest in the top center piece and along the edges. My goal was to provide faux texture by seeking out papers with a variety of typographical lines. I had to adopt a very different mindset when looking through my paper stash and magazines. And thinking differently is one of my secret tools for creative work. 


I started by gathering a bunch of items with interesting {and contrasting} details. The idea was to find papers that had interest along the edges that would be visible after being stacked in a collage. 


I played with the rectangles, slicing and dicing and scheming. Ooops! My teeny tiny stapler does not have much of a reach! Imagine the school-style staplers that reach a foot across! So I started stacking and playing with the papers, focusing on the edges and cutting rectangles so that they layered nicely.


I think I was being too literal here, in thinking that the collage had to be neatly stacked. The result was a twelve (12) layer collage with just ONE staple! Ingredients include a museum brochure, magazine clippings, japanese papers, watercolored papers, painted fabric, gelatin print, ribbon and a doilie...


My second one-staple collage was a happy accident. The green and gold paper was sitting next to the fortune and I quickly envisioned gluing these together and grabbed some other papers to provide visual interest. I was going to glue it all on this index card and realized that the way I had stacked the papers they all intersected in the same area, even though the layers weren't in a even stack. {Thank you Sue for the lovely green paper and the happy mail from Oz with an abundance of colorful goodies inside. I used two of the items from your envie {see, I speak the language} in this collage!}

And if you've got a bunch of staples...

And here's one of my multi-stapled {9 staples to be exact} collages from the index-card-a-day challenge. I certainly could have used fewer staples. Or colored staples! I cut out 8 interesting bits from magazines, stapled them to the card, then added found text for fun.


The idea of stapled collage is simple... with the power of a staple we can juxtapose colors, images, textures fonts, symbols and more. And no sticky mess!