Office Supply Love

3x5" index card, typed by DD14 on a manual typewriter at school

3x5" index card, typed by DD14 on a manual typewriter at school

I've got a crazy love for office supplies. When I was little, I filled out my dad's carbon-paper infused administrative forms in my pretend office. I typed stories on a manual typewriter that sat on a tiny desk in the corner of the dining room. With inky fingers from "unknotting" {for lack of a better term} the metal type bars. 

In a former life, I worked for a CPA firm. We wore charcoal grey suits and carried leather briefcases with red & blue twisty pencils and used geeky plastic flowchart stencils to document process workflows and add legends to our workpapers. But the silver lining to the stressful job? A massive office supply room, with neatly organized shelves containing everything from lined legal pads to post-it notes to automatic pencils.... 

Happiness equals a pad of graph paper, the blue lines and boxes. Tape, rulers, protractors, stencils, RECEIVED stamps, accounting paper, manilla folders (my kids used to call these "vanilla folders"), postage stamps, magic markers, calculators, automatic pencils, erasers....

If you could create art using ONLY materials from a standard office supply store... what would you choose?