Creative Nudge Vol. 02

Grab your popcorn, folks.


I’ve been working on a fresh collection and after excessive and admittedly abundant editing, refining, revising, and perfecting… it is ready to release to you! I HOPE you L O V E it! It’s hard to fathom but since 2011, when I started developing the Daisy Yellow Zine I’ve written 18 regular issues, 4 special ICAD-themed issues, plus 2 Creative Nudges! If you’ve got a zine scorecard, that’s 24 digital zines. The Creative Nudge is different from a regular zine because it is much longer, with expanded explorations + tutorial videos.

❝Create something tangible...
a page in your art journal,
a sketch on an index card, a short story,
or another project to interpret the ideas.❞

Enjoy the prompts, threads, concepts, curiosities & possibilities.
Inside? TWO brand new video tutorials!!!


Explorations Include!

Color Treasure Hunt, Be Bored, Visit an Imaginary Museum, The Questions, Drawing a Compass Mandala, Light & Reflection, Levels & Layers, Round Shapes, Painting a Landscape Path, and an Imaginary Construction Project. What does this all mean? You’ll find out inside!!!

Volume 02 Details!

➸ 51 page downloadable PDF.
➸ 2 brand new videos!!! In Compass, I’ll show you how to draw 3 mandalas; in Landscape Path, I paint 3 tiny abstract landscapes in watercolor and gouache. The videos [34 mn] can be accessed thru 12/31/21 but are not downloadable.
➸ All activities suitable for beginners!

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Note that the videos in Volume 01 were part of the Daisy Yellow workshop “The Circle.”

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