journal page from november 2009

I'm wondering if you've been pondering the November challenges, because I've been trying to decide what to do. For the last two years, I did AEDM and NaNoJouMo, but 60 bits of art in one month, plus posting, writing, linking... I know that it is not the level of energy but the DESIRE to do the challenge that will get you through. In 2009, I did them amidst a never-ending asthmatic cough AND mono. So I know. Yet I hesitate. We have house guests part of November and I don't have a dedicated artspace. But I don't know if that is enough to hold me back...

NaNoJouMo {National Nonstop Journaling Month with Dawn of D'Blogala}
AEDM {Art Every Day Month with Leah of Creative Every Day}
NaNoWriMo {National Novel Writing Month}

And those cute little index-card-a-day's.

The entire world will be buzzing with creative energy this November! Everywhere you turn, people will be drawing, painting, stamping, collaging, journaling, photographing, thinking, blogging, posting, writing.

Have you decided? How did you decide what challenge to do?