Novel Approach Workshop

We will not follow any formulas. This is fun, messy, free-range, organic, playful art journaling.

A new mixed media art journal workshop where we'll get messy with acrylics, collage and a bit of grunge, all in the tangible, textural, physical, engaging, intriguing package of an altered hardback book. You are invited to find a book and fill it with happy colors and bright ideas, playing along with prompts tips & tricks galore.

And yes you *can* do the workshop in any journal with heavy paper {i.e. watercolor paper or mixed media paper}, if you prefer! I'll share flexible techniques, prompts, inspiration & ideas that will absolutely inspire you to get to work in your journal. This is the first of two online, self-paced, altered book art journaling workshops for 2016. It is going to be multi-faceted, layered, yummy fun. The series will build in complexity. We'll use a core set of materials for these workshops, so you can start with a hardback book in one workshop and have the opportunity to continue working in your book as you learn and explore. You can add twists & tangents & experiments as your yummy altered book blooms! When the book is finished it will be overflowing with glorious edges of saturated paint!