No Frills Prompt 9: TELEPHONE

Simple, flexible, fully customizable weekly creative prompts.

public telephone, munich, germany

Like all of the prompts in this series, this is easy peasy! You can respond in whatever way you wish, but do create something in words or images. The photograph and the word TELEPHONE can be used together or separately. Don't overthink this, see the intro for help.


♦ create an art journal page using only RED, CHARCOAL and BLACK

♦ write a stream of conscious paragraph about what life was like before mobile phones existed, when you had to find a phone and have a dime (or your currency equivalent) to phone home, when you could only go as far as the cord would take you

♦ carve an eraser stamp in the shape of a telephone

♦ write a mini-story about the person who will use this telephone next

♦ count the number of pay telephones you see tomorrow



♦ ♦ Sam ♦ ♦