No Frills Prompt 8: Collections

Each Friday, new creative prompts that are simple, flexible and fully customizable. Great for collage artists, photographers, art journalists, writers and everyone in between.

a collection of sunlit beads in spice jars

Like all of the prompts in this series, this is easy peasy! You can respond in whatever way you wish, but do create something in words or images. The photograph and the word COLLECTIONS can be used together or separately. Don't overthink this, see the intro for help.


♦ write a stream-of-conscious page about things you collect, things your mother collected when you were a young child or things your kids collect

♦ create a cheerful art journal background of vivid cobalt blues + lime greens

♦ photograph your collections or those you find; make a mosaic at Big Huge Labs

♦ use beads on an art journal page