No Frills Prompt 27: Numbers

numbered {action by pioneer woman}

No Frills Prompts are fresh weekly creative prompts that are simple, flexible and fully customizable. The photograph itself and the word "numbers" can be used together or separately.  


♦ Photograph a series of numbers you find when you are out and about.

♦ What are the important numbers in your life? Your birthday, your age, shoe size... what else? Do you have a favorite number or one that you are sentimental about?

♦ Create an art journal page which includes numbers, numerals or number-like symbols as a theme or major element.

♦ Write numbers in block style on an index card. Fill the entire card. Use positive or negative space to create the number.

♦ Write a stream-of-conscious page about the supermarket. Is it relaxing? What's your local store like? What about your favorite grocery store? {here's my page}


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