No Frills Prompt 24: Reflection

reflection of the bald cyprus on a stone in our garden

Fresh weekly creative prompts that are simple, flexible and fully customizable. You can use the photograph and the word "refection" together or separately. See the intro for a little more info.


♦ Photograph a reflection that gives you an idea for a doodle or a pattern.

♦ Fold a piece of paper in half, and journal one half as a reflection of the other. This can be using colors on the color wheel, or writing about one topic on one side and then thinking about it in a different way on the other side. <:Think out of the page:>

♦ What do you see when you look at yourself in the mirror? Do you smile, or look away? What part of your face do you like best?

♦  Take a photo of yourself in a mirror. Print and use in a journal page, or digitally add funny goggles, neon pink lipstick, a mustache, etc. Share.


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