No Frills Prompt 22: Pattern

Fresh weekly creative prompts that are simple, flexible and fully customizable.

dallas arboretum 

The photograph itself and the word "pattern" can be used together or separately.  


♦ Photograph a pattern where the negative space creates a different pattern.

♦ Create something using a terra cotta pot, paint a pot, or embellish an art journal page with the color of this wall.

♦ Write a stream-of-conscious paragraph about the meaning of "interconnection" in your life. Whose lives are intertwined with yours? What things weave through your life?

♦ Walk around your home and take note of all of the fabrics other than clothing {furniture coverings, pillows, linens, dish towels, placemats, beach towels, blankets, wallpaper, draperies, handbags, luggage}. What types of patterns are you drawn to? What colors are in your fabrics?


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