No Frills Prompt 17: Layers

Creative prompts that are simple, flexible and fully customizable.


tulips, dallas arboretum

Like all of the prompts in this series, this is easy peasy! You can respond in whatever way you wish, but do create something in words or images. The tulip photograph and the word LAYERS can be used together or separately. Don't overthink this, see the intro for help.


♦ experiment with layers in your art journal ~ glue down a few papers, gesso over them with a brush, glue another layer, more gesso, build up 4-6 layers.

♦ create an art journal background using only pink, purple, white + yellow

♦ design a hand carved eraser stamp in the shape of a tulip

♦ set your timer for 7 minutes; write a free form page about what the changing of the seasons (winter to spring or summer to fall) means to you

♦ this is about YOU. divide an art journal page in three vertical parts, creating one section to represent YOU as you think friends see you, one section as you think other artists see you, and YOU as you see yourself. pick any three perspectives that make sense in your life.

♦ photo assignment: take 10 photos of things layered horizontally as in the tulip photo


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A note about the prompts. Please feel free to do any of the previous No Frills prompts. Leave a comment with the URL to your interpretation (even if it's at Flickr) and I'll add your link to the prompt. Sharing your interpretation is a great way to get visibility for your blogs + everyone is motivated by seeing how other people have interpreted the prompt.