No Frills Prompt 11: LEAVES

Simple, flexible and fully customizable creative prompts.

Like all of the prompts in this series, this is easy peasy! You can respond in whatever way you wish, but do create something in words or images. The photograph and the word LEAVES can be used together or separately. Don't overthink this, see the intro for help.


♦ If it rains or snows this week, take a photo of something with fresh raindrops or snowflakes.

♦ Carve an eraser stamp inspired by a leaf.

♦ Make prints using leaves as stamps (see Acrylic Leaf Prints).

 ♦ Start a nature journal, guided by Keeping a Nature Journal by Clare Walker Leslie.

♦ Create a playlist of weather-inspired music while you listen to Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head by BJ Thomas.