No Frills Prompt 10: MAIL

Simple, flexible and fully customizable weekly creative prompts.

 mail boxes, amsterdam

Like all of the prompts in this series, this is easy peasy! You can respond in whatever way you wish, but do create something in words or images. The photograph and the word MAIL can be used together or separately. Don't overthink this, see the intro for help.


♦ create a collage or art journal page with a central grid and a boxy font

♦ read the book Good Mail Day

♦ write an impromptu snail mail letter to a friend or mail someone a birthday card

♦ write a stream-of-conscious page about a time in your life when you wrote or received a lot of letters, like summer camp, freshman year of college, the year you met your boyfriend and he moved to Italy, the time you sent your manuscript to 71 publishers

♦ photograph 5 things that are very urban in look and feel, edgy, rough, no people, no flowers