New Stuff Can Spark New Ideas

"It's like deja-vu, all over again."
Yogi Berra

Here's my new little Polaroid PoGo printer. Look how cute! It prints 2" x 3" photos via wire or bluetooth and they come with a peel-off sticky back that makes it easy to stick them into journals. What I like most about these little printers is what perfectionists will like least. The color is a bit faded and sometimes the prints are a little streaky.

New stuff can spark new ideas.

I'm going to make two journals. One will be family + friends shots and the second will be photos from our Europe trip 2 years ago. There's so so so much I haven't documented in the past few years, and I really feel like this will at least make me feel like I am doing something on that front. I'm always feeling 10 steps behind in keeping track of anything anymore.

I'm using exacompta journals -- they are a great size and the pages can handle layers of acrylics and collage.

I learned about the printer thru Traci Bunkers' book The Art Journal Workshop.]

So the "vision" is to use the photos as prompts, I think that's what you would call them, and write whatever comes to mind when I see the photo. I'm not going to worry about what order the photos go into the journals, what order I make notes. I might doodle, paint, who knows what. But I will be documenting.