Neocolor Squares

11x15" cardboard backing to watercolor pad, neocolor IIs

Looking for experimenters willing to throw caution to the wind. Get a piece of cardboard (or paper), draw thick neocolor squares all over, overlapping. {Please create a background of your own, of course!} Use neocolor IIs (the water soluble type). Pick one of the options below, leave a comment to officially OWN that option.

Add collage. The experimenter was Sam who did a funky collage.

Paint with a layer of white gesso. The experimenter was Sophie of Miss KoolAid who did the gorgeous neos + gesso.

Spray with a fine water mister, let it soak in.  I did this experiment. After spraying I didn't see much change, so I let it dry and misted again (and again). The colors look more intense but not much change. I added a tiny bit of ephemera.

A few weeks later, in an alphabetical stamping mood, I stamped with white gesso:

finished art journal page, 11x15" cardboard backing to watercolor pad, acrylic, neocolor IIs