Negatively Spaced Out

Darkened the original marker lines of a mandala in Photoshop to take away the brush marks and make it look like a stencil or fabric. The original photo is shown further down the page.

Reversed the black in Photoshop to create a white on black design. This is a pretty cool result from an ordinary mandala.

This third photo is the original mandala in a 5x8" drawing moleskine journal. It's drawn with a Pitt Artist Big Brush, a marker with a huge nib that makes bold lines in india ink. Drawing with a marker like this completely changes my perspective and my thought process. It's good to throw yourself curveballs to keep the ideas flowing and keep your mind sharp. Drawn in the car over the course of two carpool sessions, about 35 minutes total drawing time. The focus here was making the most of the negative space created by the bold marker lines.

Playing with shapes on the very last page of my 5x8" drawing moleskine journal. This journal has manilla-folder-like paper that is sturdy and great for drawing. Drawn in the car over the course of two carpool sessions, about 20 minutes total drawing time. 

Reversed the black and white in Photoshop. As I was drawing I was trying to "see" the shape created around the marker. This takes some practice and patience. I think it has a sort of tribal look.

If you "squint" while looking at the original mandala or the original symbol page... can you see the inverse?