Mythical Creature of Sorts


9x12" aquabee drawing journal, slicci pen, watercolor

This was going to be the "Faux Vogue" magazine cover for DPP #49 yesterday but I liked her enough to not want to turn her into a magazine cover. I wanted to draw a skirt that could be either thin or of "generous" proportions, thinking that I'd do the skirt colors in a way that blended into the background and was an illusion of sorts. Then I thought maybe she could be a mythical creature and made the octopus-like part, but that looked out of proportion so I tried to make that into a sweater or cape or who-knows-what. Her arms were supposed to be fringe on the end of the sleeves. Ha, ha! My favorite part to draw is the hair, all wild and unruly.

I've decided that I don't like the aquabee drawing journal for watercolor. It's fine for collage, acrylilc, and works great for drawing... and while you "can" watercolor inside, the paper is a little rough and the brush drags and paint doesn't flow as it does with "watercolor" paper.

Thank you for your kind and generous comments on this post. It gives me a lot to think about. And I do blog for the joy of it, and I hope to return refreshed at the end of October.