{my first stitched travel journal}

"We are the music makers,
and we are the dreamers of dreams."
~ Arthur O'Shaughnessy

front cover, pre-trip

here's what the next pages looked like pre-trip (above), and after journaling (below)

more journaling

more pre-trip pages

inside back cover, still needs a trip wrap-up

back cover, still blank

To make this cute little book, I cut 9x12" watercolor paper (just guesstimating, imperfect) in half the long way. Like a madwoman, I sewed bits onto the strips of paper, not caring about upside down or design or method or what would wind up where in the end. Paper, maps, scrapbook paper, stuff from trips, fabric, etc. Next, I folded the paper in half and sewed along the fold. The pages are imperfect, some taller + some wider.

The goal is not a perfect travel journal.
We don't write in perfect journals.
(At least I don't)

Wildness ensued. Sewing more and more, now paying more attention to which way I would be writing in the book. Leaving inviting little journaling spots. When I came up for air I had a 4.5" x 6" book with 12 "sides" for writing, made from 3 wide strips of paper, each half of a sheet of watercolor paper.

Journaling Blocks! Nooks! Hideouts! Pockets! Oh My!

And it worked! It did! I journaled! All I can figure is that it was too tempting not to!!! There was no blank page hesitation, for there are no blank pages. Just little spots deviously asking for words.

P.S. In Vacation Spin, I wrote about stitched travel journal inspiration from Hanna.

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