My Favorite ICADs

To get into the ICAD [see below if you don’t know this acronym] groove, I went through <<<8+ years>>> of index card art and collected my favorites into a short video! I am working diligently behind-the-scenes to make ICAD run smoothly this year. I’ll be sharing MORE information with you in the next week, but for now, a video!

For the newbies: Each year I facilitate a creative challenge called Daisy Yellow Index-Card-a-Day. The 9th annual iteration! 🔝📇🏋🏼‍♀️📛🌻🐰🌈✏️ will run June 1 - July 31, 2019. Creative people around the globe participate and it's a roller coaster ride of fun. You should definitely play along! It started on a whim and yet creating on this small, un-precious format has grown to be such a meaningful part of my creative practice.

Find the video and more goodies on the Daisy Yellow YT Channel. If you follow me, you’ll get a notification when I post something new, so that’s fun. In last year’s video I approached it differently — I included about 350 of the 1000's of 3x5" ICADs I've created over the years, and my goal was to try to show you the WILD VARIETY of stuff you can do.

Just look at what the ICAD community at instagram created last year, isn’t that freaking amazing?

To find out more about the challenge, go to my handy ICAD HOME BASE. From there, you can get to the ICAD FAQ, and so much more, I don’t even know how much stuff you’ll find. It will be like a treasure hunt.

Oh hey, and I made a bunch of NEW DIGITAL HEIRLOOM BADGES for the challenge. Go grab one, use it as your avatar, gravatar, profile photo or post at instagram to let other folks know what you’ll be up to in June + July. Maybe they’ll want to play along too!