Museum Wanderings

"A sentence should contain no unnecessary words,
a paragraph no unnecessary sentences,
for the same reason that a drawing
should have no unnecessary lines
and a machine no unnecessary parts."
~William Strunk, Jr.

my younger daughter's note reads,"they look like stripes of chocklet"

The girls and I visited the beautiful Dallas Museum of Art, where we wandered amidst the paintings and sculptures and wound up in the hands-on material bar. At the bar, rather than singapore slings, a random selection of materials to create sculptures. Tape, hole punches, corrugated cardboard, squares of canvas, raffia, paper, etc. The limited array of options forced us to use our imaginations! There was a wall of materials where you add sticky notes with your thoughts, white materials on spools to add to the weaving-in-process, textured tables to create rubbings, and lovely natural light.

Tell me about your field trips this week!