Muse30 Prompt #6

Disco. The word and the photograph form your prompt. Officially the 6th prompt in the #daisyyellow #muse30 series. Of course hashtags mean absolutely nothing in a blog post but if you opt to share your work on instagram and beyond, where hashtags serve to categorize and find stuff, you'll know.

"By 1976, there were reportedly 10,000 discos in the U.S.: discos for kids, for senior citizens, for roller-skaters, and portable discos set up in shopping malls and Holiday Inns. That year, on a regular basis, 5 out of 10 singles on Billboard’s weekly charts were disco. And the Fred Astaire Dance Studios did a brisk business teaching the Hustle."
Vanity Fair

The meandering pace for this series is intentional, to let things unfold and not push ourselves to go-go-go non-stop. I bet that if you keep a consistent art practice {note - there is no rule about every-single-day-forever} you'll be driven to create and find time where you thought you had none. Art & creative work is a really lovely happy thing to add to your life.

Disco. Saturday Night Fever, John Travolta, feathered hair, psychedelic tunics, platform shoes, the 1970s, line dancing, The Bee Gees. Chic's Le Freak. Donna Summer, disco balls and strobe lights.

An abbreviation of the word discotheque, a club/party where one dances to pop/trendy music. In Spanish, one of the meanings is disk {so compact disk is disco compacto}. Extrapolate to other flat round objects such as a 33rpm album or a frisbee.

"Disco is a genre of dance music containing elements of funk, soul, pop, and salsa that was most popular in the mid to late 1970s..."

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