Muse30 Prompt #17

Whether wallpaper brings to mind mod 1970's, florals, boat stripes, damask, chinoiserie or ikat patterns, your challenge is to create a journal page inspired by a busy repeating design. Don't worry, it doesn't need to be symmetrical or hyper-planned in any way, but try using some sort of repeating pattern that might look like wallpaper if you look at it from a distance. Or if you squint. Or if you just pretend that's what it is!  You can draw a grid in pencil and fill in each section with a similar pattern, alternating colors as in a quilt, or perhaps carve an eraser stamp and then use the stamp to create a repeat. And repeats aren't always in a simple grid! Think repeatability on a tiny or grand scale.

Further research: Types of pattern repeats from PrintMag, glossary of pattern design from Artlandia, repeat structures from Gray's School of Art, the gorgeous designs of Helen Dardik and the pattern work of Lindsay Gardner, plus Julie Balzer creates amazing carved stamp repeats.

I added a bunch of complex pattern repeat inspiration on this pinterest board. So many amazing artists to explore!

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