Morning Light

 9x12" loose art journal page, back cover of a Strathmore pad

you can use the heavy cardboard back cover of a watercolor or drawing pad for an art journal page!

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massive headache last night as i cleaned up the table from journaling chaos

feeling much better, thank you for the sweet comments!

the microwave is broken ($431 to repair, time for a new one)

the honda is in the driveway with a flat tire

the toaster broke

i like the new character on House (13's replacement)

Ken Robinson's latest talk on Changing Education Paradigms (via Marvelous Kiddo) is illustrated, and brilliant. Eloquently stated. His talks are unfortunately without specific suggestions on HOW to implement a new model. I found the points about meds for ADHD and the weight placed on standardized tests interesting.

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{NaNoJouMo #8 2010}

{More AEDM + NANOJOUMO creations for 2010}