Moleskine Mandalas

{originally posted in August 2008}

Moleskine notebooks are incredibly popular for keeping notes, journaling, sketching, doodling, collage, watercolor and more. A Flickr search found 54,459 photos tagged "moleskine" and 1,077 moleskine related groups. I typically use the lined 5x8" Moleskine notebooks to keep notes... books to read, flowering perennial plants for the garden, recipes to try, to-do lists, but I've never drawn in them. Until now.

This past week, while I waited for the kids at swimming lessons, I started doodling in my notebook with a black superfine Faber-Castell PITT pens. As the week progressed, I added color with brush nib PITT pens and Sakura gellyrolls. These quasi-mandalas just exploded on the page. The texture of the paper is smooth and warm. Perhaps having the lines on the page make it less daunting? The ink adheres without bleeding and dries quickly. Several doodles followed, and I am officially hooked.