Millennia Mail Art Project Wrap-Up!

Tammy's Happiness Card

Tammy's Happiness Card

This post was written in April 2013 after Natasha, Hanna, Michelle, Karen, Roben-Marie & I finished an amazing, elaborate and logistically complicated mail art swap. 

We've finished the mail art swap! This was a super exhilerating project - surprisingly so! Our little postcards traveled to Texas, Sweden, New Zealand, Massachusetts, California and Florida as they were filled with color and texture and pattern. Each layer was an intriguing piece of the puzzle and now the cards are a cohesive whole. To learn more about the concept, read about the Millennia Mail Art Project facilitated by Tofu

So here's the wrap-up. Please click the links to see all of the phases and learn how much thought went into each little piece on each little card. 


Intro + Phase I: Tammy
Phase II: Natasha
Phase III: Hanna
Phase IV: Michelle
Phase V: Karen
Phase VI: Roben-Marie


Tammy's theme: Happiness
Natasha's theme: Ocean
Hanna's theme: Pink
Michelle's theme: Wonderland
Karen's theme: Orange
Roben-Marie's theme: Circles + Doodles

A ginormous thank you to Tofu who originated the Millennia Mail Art Project.

What is it like to collaborate on an art project
{or this project in particular}?

Michelle: Collaboration on projects requires an interesting push/pull between participants. You have to figure out how to contribute to the whole while staying true to your own style. This particular project gave each player her own space and each individual piece of the postcard came together (like magic) to make a cohesive whole.

Roben-Marie: I like a well organized project that has a creative element that appeals to me. It is nice to see progress shared along the way by so many different artists.

Karen: Collaborating makes me see things I've never seen before, and challenges me to approach a project in a completely new way. It can be hard to let go of my control or my vision for a project, but time and time again the end result is so much better than my original idea. Each collaboration brings growth and learning, as well as great connections to other artists.

Natasha: It is a little bit nerve wracking as you wonder if the other collaborators will be happy with your efforts, but the shared energy that happens in the art making is amazing, seeing the project come to life and the other artist's contributions is such a thrill.

Hanna: What I’ve enjoyed most with this collaboration, since I haven’t received my pink card yet, was the fact that everyone shared their process on their blog. I loved seeing it evolve in steps and reading about the thought process behind each little piece added!

Tammy: I loved this concept from the very start. I'm incredibly happy to collaborate with a group of artists whose work I've long admired. And it's lovely to see how each person's unique style and perspective blends with the whole. Collaborations can be tricky, especially if all of the parties aren't into the concept equally, but in the few collaborations I've done, I've been fortunate to work with some wonderfully enthusiastic folks.

What do you like about mail art?

Michelle @ instagram Honestly, I love mail art because it brings beauty to my mailbox rather than bills and bad news. I wish I did mail art exchanges a lot more often!

Robin-Marie @ instagram:I have been creating mail art for many years in different forms. In a time when so much communication is done via the computer, I still like getting old fashioned mail and when it is creative and pretty, that is a bonus!

Karen @ I am Rushmore: It is always a thrill to open my mailbox and find something colorful, handmade and personal waiting for me. I hold it in my hand and marvel at how far it has traveled and wonder how many people handled it along the way. I picture a trail of joy, originating with the person who lovingly created the artwork, spreading smiles across the country. What the piece looks like almost doesn't matter - it's all about the beauty of the human connection and experience. Knowing all these things makes it so easy for me to create and send mail art of my own. Postcards become my sketchbook and playground. I create freely and send it into the world without worrying that my art isn't "good enough" because no one is ever disappointed to receive a rectangular ambassador of happiness in their mail box. 

Natasha @ instagram I love how happy making it is, both for the receiver and the sender, a little bit of joy travelling through the mail system, it is such a fantastic way to connect with people all over the world!

Hanna @ instagram: What do I like about mail art? Oh let me count the ways… I like to create for others, to send and receive pretty things, I like the surprise, the hanging it on my inspiration board, the feeling of sharing the interest of art with others...

Tammy @ instagram: I love the imperfect nature of mail art, the quirky stamps and stickers, even the administrative forms, and the fact that we never really know if our mail art is going to arrive, and in what condition. When I was a kid I would make elaborate birthday cards for friends and even decorte the envelopes. Well before scrapbooking became popular, certain stores had patterned papers that drew my eye. I've always been intrigued with mail, and started typing letters to friends on my manual typewriter when I was very young. The very best mail days, as they say, are days when I get a handmade bit of art or a handwritten letter.