Midnight Mandalas

Mandalas in gouache today, painted at the kitchen counter. The kitchen is one of the two spots where I paint with gouache/watercolor. The other is the dining room table. These mediums require almost zero set-up and so they are perfect for impromptu work. A drop of water in each little section of the palette {the paints are stored in a lidded palette}, grab a brush, a little jar of water, a paper towel to catch errant drips....

Inspired by the mandala work of Kate Crane and Stephanie Smith.

The original plan was to create one large mandala that spanned two index cards, so I and started with the centers adjacent, but used different colors. Then I forgot my plan and got into painting each mandala and they turned out quite differently. I added blue to the background to make the colors really pop. These are index cards 48 and 49 for the 2015 ICAD Challenge.