Meandering in your journal

"The imagination is a powerful tool. An artist can use it to show others the world as he sees it and to bring others into his dream of what the world could be."
David Becker

Maybe you get your hair highlighted every 6 weeks or drink only herbal tea after 7pm? Rules govern so much of what we do. And there's logic behind the structure, the to-do lists, calendars, the quasi-control. I'm definitely a list-maker! But what I love about art journaling is the chance to ignore rules and let my work meander wherever. After many, many years of art journaling, it feels like floating, not treading water. It's very good for clearing the mind. 

Art journal page by Tammy Garcia

Art journal page by Tammy Garcia

Does your art process feel light and airy, like an adventure? Or is it heavy, burdensome, unwieldy? Do you have rules? Maybe you didn't notice them? Or they are outdated? Are they getting in your way? Could you rewrite your rules? 

Art journaling is a unique sort of art form where you can start with Levi's tag or an organic tangerine produce sticker and wind up with a list of pros|cons about joining a writing group. You never know what will happen.

My workshops will get you back into the journaling groove!