Digital Mash-ups #1

This new obsession started two weeks ago when I was stuck in bed with bronchitis. While catching up on my TIVO stash, I started mixing, matching, merging, combining & transforming photos on my phone. Each of these works took @ 10-60 minutes to create. The digital ingredients are my art journal pages photographs from the local area and photographs from our summer trip to Europe. I used a bunch of different apps, circling through, making adjustments, circling back, an iterative process. Apps included FUSED, Blend, Retro, Photo Blendr, Pixlromatic and a few others that I liked initially but then changed my mind. Your mileage will certainly vary.

In this mash-up, an art journal page, a floor in France, the Louvre.

Photo Dec 07, 8 43 18 AM.jpg

This digital journal page of sorts {not even sure what to call these} includes a postcard, a billboard in London, wall in Prague, journal page, etc.

Photo Dec 05, 10 48 27 AM.jpg

Here, a floor in the Paris Opera Hall, King's Cross Station, stickers on a wall in Paris, an art journal page, etc.

Photo Dec 02, 7 54 29 PM (1).jpg

An art journal page, graffiti from Prague, a floor pattern.