Marit's Quirky Dutch Summer

This summer I'm taking part in the art escapade known as Quirky Dutch Summer. This endeavor takes place at Marit's Paper World along with artists Marcia BeckettRoben-Marie SmithRevlie Schuit and Jessica Sporn. How fun is that list!?! 

If you are looking for inspiration, pop over and see what's going on! The posts are shared in both English and Dutch. There's an opportunity to share your work in response to the prompts/techniques as well as a FB group called the Quirky FB Group.

To date, the fun includes book-binding ideas, watercolor masking techniques, tracking shadows, a mixed media project on heavy artist boards, cryptography, a mixed media on canvas.... that could keep you busy for months!!! I can imagine the ideas that all of the prompts will inspire.

My guest post goes live mid-August and Marit will be translating my words into Dutch! 

PS. I interviewed Marit a few years ago as part of my Interview Series. Plus! Marit created Daily Paper Prompt #61: Create to the Rhythm of the Music.