Mandala: Black.Violet.1.2

“The camera makes everyone a tourist

in other people's reality,

and eventually in one's own.”

Susan Sontag

mandala in ink
mandala in ink

{bringing forward a post from 2009}

090426mandala4 Large e-mail view.jpg

5x8" watercolor Moleskine, pitt pen, micron pen

I developed a series of 4 mandalas over the course of a week while my kids took their evening baths. Me, my moleskine journal, and three different pens. A PITT artist pen superfine, plus micron 05 + 005 nibs in black and purple. The idea wasn't to do a series, but when you do 4 similar mandalas it automatically becomes a series. Although my kids are independent in the tub/shower, I like to hang out nearby to help them dry off, deliver a new bottle of shampoo, etc.

Drawing at this time of day has become a pleasure I look forward to.

090426mandala2 copy.jpg

I work on a bunch of mandalas and doodles simultaneously. When I get to a stopping point on one, where I'm not sure how I want to proceed, I flip to another and see something I want to add. The brain continues to work when I am not drawing. Drawing detailed mandalas in 30 minute increments is less taxing on my arm, allows me to bring a fresh perspective each day and makes me happy.

handmade mandala
handmade mandala

Don't psych yourself out with time requirements. Some forms of art are incompatible with jumping in for 30 minute increments but doodling, embroidery, sketching and knitting are examples of art you can do in an incremental fashion. Your art isn't timed. It's not the doodle olympics.