Mail Art!

a surprisingly tiny little red book

mandy's last page (left), my first page (right)

pages two + three

pages four + five

When I was in college, before email + cell phones existed, mail was a big deal. A really, really big deal. The girls would casually go downstairs to the dorm mail boxes secretly hoping that we'd find something good inside. For me, perhaps a letter from my mom or friends from home. Checking for mail was a daily adventure.

Mail Art (aka Correspondence Art) is amazing! There are examples of mail art or mail inspired art around the web. So when Mandy invited me to participate in Jennifer Zoellner's Mail Swap, I took up the offer not quite sure what to expect! A few days later, a palm tree inspired envelope arrived in my mail box. Remember that metal or wooden box outside your home where the kind postman delivers Netflix envelopes, bills + catalogs each day? Mail art means that's a place to find good things.

So I pulled out the envelope, which has another envelope inside, containing a tiny little red book. Glancing through the sketches and stamps and doodles... I realized that I have absolutely no idea what to do! I let it sit for a week. I perused a bunch of sites about Mail Art and got started. Each person before me had used 5 pagees, so I went with the trend. I stamped with FIMO stamps, eraser stamps, doodled (of course), added ephemera, fruit stamps, etc. It was fun! I will definitely do this again! 

Mail art links and inspiration...