The magic of creating every day

If you take up some form of creative work, there's a domino impact with threads leading to almost every aspect of your life. The work {whether you call it work or play} becomes a facet of your personality and self-identity. You start to "see" the world from a new perspective, with eyes that see opportunities in things you had previously ignored. Once you start doing more creative stuff, you open up to possibilities. A watercolor workshop at the arboretum! An introductory knitting course at the yarn store! A mail art swap! At first it seems a little odd, like you don't belong, and then you gradually start to feel like you are a watercolorist! A knitter! A collage artist! One day you'll be walking out to a Sunday morning Sketch Crawl and won't blink an eye! 

Want to create [almost] every day? Join the annual Index-Card-a-Day Challenge each June & July! Or try 365 Somethings, a flexible 365 project where you can work in batches rather than having to create one discrete thing each day. You get to define your SOMETHINGS. 

This good and positive creative habit drills so delicately into your soul that you don't even realize what's  happening. It becomes so integral to the flow of day-to-day life that when you skip your art time, you feel out of sorts, even verklempt, possibly melancholy. You might not even be able to put your finger on the problem, but you know that something is missing. 

Once you get started, keep the wheels spinning.

The creative work starts to impact the rest of your life, because waiting rooms and plane rides become places to draw or write rather than stumble through old magazines. Your thoughts become more productive and your mind starts thinking more creatively because you are proactively contemplating possibilities. You start looking forward to the process, to figuring out what you'll do that day, to gathering the materials or markers or pens or whatever you'll use. It gradually starts becoming PART of you, part of how you live your days. 

Dedicate time every day to creative play? Yes.

If everything is too darned structured and controlled, we don't get the benefit of the amusement park known as artistic experimentation.

We all do the art thing differently.

We all gear up for the creative stuff differently too! Artists make chamomile tea, strategize, obsess, refine, test, query, research, take classes, meditate,  put on Adele or Foo Fighters, light candles, do yoga, build an altar and combine mediums in surprising ways.

Same bat time, same bat channel!

If you know you'll be back tomorrow that takes SO much pressure off of your shoulders! Yay! What you create today is just part of a continuum. Today you work on THIS and tomorrow you work on THAT. By default, you give yourself permission to explore themes more deeply. You keep showing up, every day. You could follow a different idea or approach every day. Or you could alter the variables ever so slightly and see what happens!

What you create is part of a continuum. 


Whatever way you work it, that daily creative habit gives you an opportunity to get to know your subject matter intimately. In drawing/painting a series of flowers, I learned that the line were irregular and organic and I learned the way that they flowed, the way I needed to hold my arm to get those lines out there. 

At the end of any significant creative challenge [i.e. Daisy Yellow Index-Card-a-Day, Inktober, a 365 project], I encourage you to take some time - a few days - to contemplate what on earth just happened! Honor your own tenacity, the indefinable magic of working consistently on a daily art project.

Ask yourself??? What questions drive you to create? What worked? What didn't? How did this particular challenge go? Would you do it again? How would you change your approach? Did you give yourself the OK to indulge? Did you stick with your original plan? When did you take a tangent? Did you discover anything about yourself? Did anything in your life change AS A RESULT of doing this challenge?