The magic of creating every day

If you take up some form of creative work, there's a domino impact with threads leading to almost every aspect of your life. The work {whether you call it work or play} becomes a facet of your personality and self-identity. You start to "see" the world from a new perspective, with eyes that see opportunities in things you had previously ignored. Once you start doing more creative stuff, you open up to possibilities.

This good and positive creative habit drills so delicately into your soul that you don't even realize what's  happening. It becomes so integral to the flow of day-to-day life that when you skip your art time, you feel out of sorts, even verklempt, possibly melancholy. You might not even be able to put your finger on the problem, but you know that something is missing. 

Keep the wheels spinning

The creative work starts to impact the rest of your life, because waiting rooms and plane rides become places to draw or write rather than stumble through old magazines. Your thoughts become more productive and your mind starts thinking more creatively because you are proactively contemplating possibilities. You start looking forward to the process, to figuring out what you'll do that day, to gathering the materials or markers or pens or whatever you'll use. It gradually starts becoming PART of you, part of how you live your days. 


Same bat time, same bat channel

Just knowing that you'll be back tomorrow? It takes SO much pressure off of your shoulders! Yay! What you create today is just part of a continuum. Today you work on THIS and tomorrow you work on THAT. And maybe they tie together, but maybe not.

Consistency matters.

When you work consistently, frequently, regularly… you give yourself permission to explore themes more deeply. Keep showing up most days… and do something. You could follow a different idea or approach every day. Or you could alter the variables ever so slightly and see what happens!

PS. Join the annual Index-Card-a-Day Challenge each June & July! Or try 365 Somethings, a flexible 365 project where you can work in batches rather than having to create one discrete thing each day. You get to define your SOMETHINGS.