"Enough organization, enough lists
and we think we can control the uncontrollable."
John Mankiewicz

"The hardest thing about being productive is not the work,
but the split second it takes to decide to take control."
~David Allen (GTD)

"It usually takes me more than three weeks
to prepare a good impromptu speech."
~Mark Twain

"Let our advance worrying
become advance thinking and planning."
~Winston Churchill


❝A list of what I like, than what I hate, the list of what's in my bag, my dream list, the list of countries where I traveled, the list of I regret, a wish list...❞
~ Nathalie tracks this + more in Infinite Lists.

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❝I make lists of all the naughty things my cats do throughout the day, then illustrate them cartoon style in my art journal. Such as, "Ways Ollie tested gravity today: 1. shoved water glass off table onto bed. 2. knocked over organizer full of pearls. 3. Got stuck on mantel, gravity meant he could not float down.❞
~ Rainy of Honey & Ollie

❝Lists are the butterfly nets that catch my fleeting thoughts.❞
~ Betsy of Wild Thyme Creative {check out Things to do to Stay Present}

❝I keep some ordinary lists, such as things that need to be done, favorite blogs, and things I would like to do and become in my lifetime. A few of my more interesting lists include books I have read, things I'd like to make, favorite names of both genders, and things that make me happy!❞
~Ingrid of My Peacetree

❝Ongoing since at least 10 years is the book list with "finished read" books, all with date when I read the last page, title, author and a comment or grade stars. Other things I write lists about are blog ideas to write some day, craft ideas that I might try and this year, a list of goals, the things that I want to achieve/finish/do/try. At the end of each year I write a list of things I've done too, my achievement list, it's my favorite because it makes me feel so good.❞  {Cool idea ▶ 30 Days of Lists}
~ Hanna

❝When my MS flares {and I am mostly confined to my Queen Chair} I journal lists of minutiae such as: weather for the day; giving treats to my grrls (dogs); quotes from books scan; links to sites I visit; random tasks (tweeted, took herbal supplements, napped, water-pik'd, lipstick'd—a biggie for a Southern gal! lol!). My lists make me feel like I have a big red "S" on my chest (ta-da! Superwoman!).❞
~ StarGardener of Right Brain Planner

❝I inconsistently track groceries yet I keep a strict list of all my artwork submission and their outcomes. I also sporadically list German words and phrases along with the weird things that I thought they meant!❞
~ TJ of Studio Mailbox

❝OMG, I track everything in lists: to-do lists for each client (separated by priority); every book I read; ideas for articles I want to write; household projects; gifts ideas for family and friends; 100 things to do before I die (my bucket list--I've only thought of 44 so far!). I really loved the list exercises in Creating Your Best Life: The Ultimate Life List Guide by Caroline Adams Miller.❞
~Miranda of Studio Mothers

black is the new indigo

❝My lists include teas I drink (I actually keep a pretty thorough record or all the tea I consume!), things I need to get done, jewelry and art ideas I'd like to try, various lists for the garden (seeds I have planted, seeds I really *want* to plant, dream plants, etc.), and lists of quotes that spark me.❞
~Chel of GingerBlue

❝First I thought to myself that I don't make lists, maybe apart from mundane shopping lists;) but later I realized it's not true. I do. It's usually when I can't fall asleep and that happens quite a lot. So many thoughts and ideas whirl in my head when I lie in bed. One day I started making lists. They're always in alphabetical order. I don't know why. Books/films that impressed me, my favorite people, names of colors. But my favorite list that helps me calm down is the one in which I name (alphabetically, yes ;)) all the good things in my life. People, experiences, simple pleasures, beautiful moments, activities I enjoy, my dreams and so on. I get as far as "H"... "K" maybe and then I drift off smiling. ;)❞
~Druga Szesnascie

❝I do make lots of lists, besides the obvious grocery, shopping, plus tattoos I wish I'd gotten, books I wish I could live in for a day, things I'd rather be doing on a Friday afternoon at work, songs that randomly came on my iPod during a bout of insomnia... Actually there are more ("literary characters I wish I could kiss, cowboys I can't forget") but in case my husband reads your blog I'll stop there :)❞
~Sophie of For Love and Idleness

❝I make lists of the movies I'd like to see, and the books I'd like to read, and I love, love, love checking them off! ❞
~ Silky Hart

❝I make lists over and over, quick and short-term ones to track how to make it through the day, longer ones to track books read over a year, projects worked on, things I'd like to make, soup recipes tried, things to do when certain people visit, "Top 10" (usually more) recap at year's end to tuck into holiday letters, and so on. Favorite lists: color swatch ones for various pencils, watercolors, etc.❞
~Amy of Threaded Thoughts

❝It's funny that you should ask this now - I have written a couple of pages in list form for my latest zine! I put up a photo of one on my flickr if you want to take a peek. I am a listist from way back. If I don't keep writing shopping lists, there is a chance that I will either starve or die of chocolate poisoning. I also obsessively list all my CDs and DVDs (although they are more like catalogues than lists); books I want to read; things I'm grateful for; specific to-do lists; stretching exercises; seeds of creative ideas; the list goes on......I also started a book at work which lists all the funny and silly things my co-workers say.❞
~Sam {here's a sample list}

❝Typical lists that I have running at any one time: groceries, weekly menu, work notes not done yet - names of who still needs a note, weekly places to go, daily to do list of chores/jobs, kids allowances - dates to "pay,' books to read, books read, summer places to go, travel, cards to send, thank yous to write, quilting projects in progress, wish lists, kids birthday lists, unfinished projects/homework of kids - this helps my teens if they actually see it all, paper colors to buy, diagnostic treatment guidelines to write, colors of different paints, inks, markers that I have, possible blog posts, and the list of lists could go on and on and on...❞
~ Carol of Chestnut Hill Chatter

❝I keep lists for EVERYTHING!! I am a compulsive lister. Lists of things I want to draw, lists of all the illustrations in a book I am working on with separate columns that I tick off when each phase is finished, lists of food to buy and lists of menus, I keep lists of things I have to do both on paper and in my electronic lister on my mac mail. I make lists of all the books I want to read and lists of all the books I need to buy. I list the artists I love, too. When I go out of town I leave lists for m y family. Then, for all the school visit sessions and workshops that I do, I send the participants a list to get ready for me. I pretty much list everything, Tammy. I love lists. Love 'em.❞
~Dar Hosta

❝As for me? I keep a to-do list, a grocery list, the ingredients in the recipes I use most, cities I've visited, movies to see/rent, concerts I've attended, books read/to read, quotes, things to use and ideas for my art journal, fonts, summer project ideas, funny things the kids say, to-do items, the colors of fluid acrylics/neocolors/watercolors/pitt pens that I have, art project ideas, ideas for blog posts, quotes, 3 productive things accomplished each day, books the kids have read, plants in the garden, places where I've drawn. Pre-digital camera, I kept track of every roll of film (subject, dates, camera).❞
~ Tammy of Daisy Yellow

Get involved! What lists do you keep? Have you created an art journal page around a list? Do tell!!!