List: Things They Don't Say

Technically DFW is east Texas, although per the map it's northeast Texas if you want to get snippy about it.

Having lived in both western Pennsylvania and east Texas (they don't say "west Pennsylvania" or "eastern Texas") for many years, I'm qualified to write this list. It's inspired by List It Tuesday at Artsyville. This week, Aimee's list of morning moods is hilarious - we volleyed a few ideas for improving preschool sign-in sheets on Twitter this week. Can you imagine if you had to complete a form when you got to work, stating your mood? And in meetings, would there be a mood board, so everyone would know if Jack was "dejected" or "ruler of the world"? How would "obsequious" communicate with "alarmed" or "sugar high" and would there be mood consultants?

But back to the list(s). The original is in a super-mini 3.5x5" watercolor moleskine, digitally altered to look weathered. So pretend it's on an old sheet of paper... Here are a few munchkin mandalas drawn in this journal.

Things They Don't Say in Texas include jimmies (sprinkles put on iced cream or frozen yogurt), jaggers (thorns on plants), sliding board (slide), kvetch (complain), wicked (awesome).

Things They Don't Say in Pennsylvania include sack lunch (lunch in paper bag), yankee (a term used in a derogatory or explanatory fashion), bless her heart (or bless his heart, or their cute little hearts, or pointy heads), north-east-south-west (the words are used in highway directions like I-395E, but not in directions you'd give a friend; instead, they use points of reference, which is especially funny when the store or gas station or whatever is no longer there. "Turn left where the Dairy Queen used to be.")

Carry on.

{AEDM #23 2010}

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