Lines, echoes, and rainbow islands.

"The cure for boredom is curiosity.
There is no cure for curiosity."
Ellen Parr

Inky fingers #53-65

I'm choosing to DIG into this project for what it is... a way to build ideas. I figure that I've got 365 surfaces for exploration and it seems never-ending and that's a good thing for now! This project has just enough structure and each card is approachable and do-able. 

Inked cards by Tammy Garcia

3x3" ink on watercolor paper, somethings 53-56

In this set, it was about the lines, and what's on each side...  but with limited colors instead of ALL of the colors as I usually do. Here's my favorite from this group -- loving the echoes of lines. 

Ink on watercolor paper by Tammy Garcia

Yup. I get that this next group of nine is not artistically earth-shattering. But it was interesting to DO and that is what matters in my book! Why does all of our art have to be significant? IT CAN JUST BE. My Somethings are stepping stones, practice, hypotheses, drafts, tests, surfaces, spaces, curiosities. No second-guessing, just moving forward, grabbing the next card, ad infinitim. 

3x3" ink by Tammy Garcia

3x3" ink on watercolor paper, Somethings 57-65

These began with a simple idea - an imaginary map of rainbow islands. Or is that a map of imaginary rainbow islands? I visualized the colors separately, without any intersections or blending of colors. White space in between. To accomplish this, I "painted" a shape with water and dropped ink into it. The ink pulls into the shape of the water. Ink is fascinating... without question an imperfect science! There are so many variables, and many that I don't yet understand. I painted other shapes with ink. It was really engaging to create these... that is why I made so many! 


PS. Thanks to the folks who have written to tell me about their 365 Somethings projects! I'm happy you've jumped in! Keep going!!!

PSS. What's 365 Somethings? It's is a year-long project that Hanna Andersson and I are doing this year. We did this 5 years ago and it was so creatively productive [albeit INTENSE] that we decided to do it again:)