Let it fly out the window on the wings of a butterfly.

Imagine folding and gently packing up your carefully concocted negative thoughts in a little suitcase... then open the window to see the blue of the sky and gently hand your suitcase of thoughts to a sparkly lavender ladybug. She takes your weight and returns a promise, to float off into the stratosphere and free your mind. 

Pages from my latest art journaling workshop, Groovy Grunge!

Find a way to distract your mind.

Put on Adele's Rolling in the Deep and focus outside of your head. Listen to the song build in intensity. Listen to the notes of the piano.

Pay attention to the grace of the brush. You are working. You are practicing. You are exploring. You are experimenting. 

You will create SO MUCH MORE art if you take it easy on yourself and relax while you work.

Take a deep breath. While you work in your journal, try to let go of all of that critical junk!

Your art is a mosaic. It is you, it is imperfect and beautiful. 

And it matters. It makes a difference in the big picture of your life. 

Because you CREATED it. 

Daisy Yellow